Founders Club

Jack Lyon's Founders Club

The Founders Club was established in honor of Excel Automotive Institute’s founder, Jack Lyon. Jack was co-founder of The Excel Institute and through years of hard work and devotion to a cause he felt so strongly about, the Institute was re-established as Excel Automotive Institute and is to be known as Jack Lyon’s Excel Automotive Institute. The mission to provide a center of excellence for the development of job skills, career, and technical education to those who seek a better life continues.

 The Founders Club consists of a group of individuals and corporations who donate a minimum of $1,000 per year to the Institute. The funding that is received from Founders Club members is earmarked for the sole purpose of “Capacity Building”, such as the acquisition of and updates to tools, equipment and technology.

The Institute receives funding from various foundations, but primarily those funds are restricted to program costs such as salaries, overhead, administration and learning materials. Very few organizations will fund capital expenditures and for the Institute that is a big cost due to its certification by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). NATEF demands the Institute’s shop lab mirrors that of an automotive service shop.