Donate to Excel Automotive Institute

Excel Automotive Institute OPERATES FROM private funding and corporate sponsorship. If you would like to donate to our institute, please click the donate button below.

Our mission to provide a center of excellence for the development of job skills, career, and technical education to those who seek a better life can’t take effect unless we have the support of everyone in our community. That’s where you come in!

We are asking you to help by donating to Excel’s Tuition Free Fund. Excel is the only non-profit automotive technician training institute in the District of Columbia. Thanks to supporters like you, students who enroll at Excel are provided, tuition free, auto tech training and the certification needed to get a job as an Automotive Technician. A donation of any amount is helpful to the Institute in fulfilling its mission. 


Call (202) 269–0384 from 8:00a – 5:00p Monday through Friday if you have any detailed questions, or if you are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities. 

You have the option of donating to the following specific funds as well:

 The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) fund provides the financial resources for the Institute to purchase the tools and equipment required to maintain its certification from NATEF.  NATEF also provides the funds for the Institute to: 

  1. Provide an automotive shop lab that mirrors a typical auto repair shop environment.
  2. Utilize state of the art diagnostic tools that are used by professional automotive technicians.
  3. Improve and update instructional tools and materials present in a “Smart Classroom”.
  4. Update the computer lab equipment to support the on-line instructional curriculum.


The Scholarship Fund is for those who cannot afford to attend the Institute and are not eligible for government assistance. These students include returning citizens, veterans, long term unemployed, and the at-risk and disadvantaged.  The Institute provides partial and full scholarships depending on the funds we have available. We also apply for grants to help support this fund. The need is far greater than the assistance we are able to provide.


The General Fund is what keeps the lights on and a very important fund for the Institute to continue supporting the community with auto tech training.  The fund is supported by corporate and individual donations, delivery of auto tech training to partners of the Institute, such as UDC-Community College and Community College Preparatory Academy PCS, and students sponsored by a government agency. The Institute manages its general fund very closely and all funds not required for the Institute's operation is earmarked for the NATEF and Scholarship funds. 

Less than 4% of the Institute’s budget goes to administration/marketing /contract services. Its three largest expenses are: Occupancy - 30%, Licensing/Insurance/Professional Services for Regulatory Requirements - 25% and Salaries - 41%.