INTRO to Automotive TechNOLOGY

This course provides the entry-level knowledge and skills needed to work in an automotive repair facility. It covers the procedures of an automotive shop and the use of hand tools, power tools, hoist, jacks and other equipment used by the automotive technician. This course provides for hands-on diagnostic analysis, trouble shooting and repair of minor problems.  

Automotive Tech I

This course addresses the background of the automobile systems, the basic engine, engine systems, electrical and electronic systems, heating and air conditioning systems, drivetrain, running gear and hybrid vehicles. It also provides an understanding and use of hand tools, shop equipment, diagnostic equipment and special tools.  The course also focuses on automobile preventative maintenance and basic theories and basic services.

Automotive Tech II

The Automotive Tech II course is designed to provide entry level employment as an Automotive Service Tech while the student completes his/her ASE course training in Electrical/Electronics Systems, Brake Systems, and Suspension/Steering Systems.